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The property market in Hua Hin and the surrounding area (Cha Am & Pranburi ) is becoming increasingly interesting, not only for local buyers but also for foreign purchasers and investors.

Condominiums are very sought-after, preferably for the use as holiday accommodation or for investment purposes. This is why the units are rather small and range from one-bedroom-studios up to three-bedroom-condos.  These objects  offer  high standards  building quality and a wide range of facilities, such as small supermarkets, restaurants and gyms, within the estate. Compared to Pattaya or Phuket most objects are still moderately priced,   and there is a choice of either buying second hand units or into an off-plan project. The demand is high, especially for Condos with sea view and/or short distances to the beach.

The villa market is mainly signified by high-end resale beachfront properties on the one hand and new project sales on the other. Beachfront properties on the resale market are mostly purchased as holiday/weekend homes and buyers are generally Bangkok-based Thais or Europeans / Americans from Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore. Those properties are not on the market for long and sell for premium prices in the area. New projects are more located inland since close to downtown beachfront land is rare! But most of them offer sea view and are located close to one of the international highly recommended golf-courses. Usually these objects offer private or jointly used swimming pools and, especially within the gated community, some more facilities are available, similar to the condominium projects (i.e. restaurants or tennis courts).

As a general trend more and more owners use an on-site property management  to look after their properties, taking care, cleaning and also including short time rental service for the properties, respectively high-end villas. HHRE offer a wide range of such management solutions. Due to the increasing demand for short or mid-term rental contracts this offers good opportunities to gain rental returns, even when the investor is abroad or the property is not in use by the owner!

Beachfront land in Hua Hin is barely available for sale and if so it sells at premium prices. This means, if a buyer wants to purchase beachfront land, he has to take a look further south towards Pranburi or must be prepared for a rather big investment. This is why the market is focused upon  sea view plots of land or near access to one of the golf resorts.

Finally we can state that the local market is much more developed than other resort areas around Thailand, since Hua Hin has been a well established holiday destination for more than 70 years, prospering from its beautiful surroundings, its close distance to Bangkok and its high security standards, compared to other holiday destinations in Thailand, because of the royal summer palace. On top of these, property developers are usually financially backed-up and do not need to get a certain number of pre sales but rather start construction ahead of sales. These important key factors give private and institutional investors additional trust for growth potential of properties in the area.



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