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Villas for rent with option to buy



If you have been dreaming of owning your own home in Thailand, but you are not quite sure - then this option maybe for you: "It means you can move into one of the luxury villas and get a feel for the area!"

Or even if you are a holiday maker renting one of the Holiday Homes at Manora Village, as indicated below, and while enjoying your stay, you decide to buy one of the villas then this option applies to you, too!

How does it work?

The basic idea behind a Rent-to-Buy option is straightforward: You will have the option to buy a property after a fixed period of time.         You are under no obligation to buy at the end of the rental period.


When a person rents a villa with an option to buy, he or she rents the property and lives in the home as a tenant. If he or she exercises the option to purchase the home or any other home as listed below, there will be several options:


1: If you buy a property within the first 3 months Manora Company will refund 100 per cent of your rental fee back towards your deposit or purchase price.


2: If someone wanted to rent for a further period of up to 6 months, Manora Company will refund 50 per cent of your rental fee back towards your deposit or purchase price.


3: In the circumstance of a longer rental period of 6 to 12 months, the rental refund to be agreed with Manora Company.

Is Hua Hin the right area for you?

Hua Hin has a huge expatriate population. Most of these expatriates are here for very good reasons, to enjoy a beautiful lifestyle and find little or no real problems while living here.


Is Hua Hin a good investment?

Investors are still keen to get into the property market because the overall appeal of Hua Hin being a vibrant, exotic, charming and exciting beach resort; Manora Village offers property investors a good medium to long term investment.


Is Manora Village the right place for you?

Not sure? Before you make a commitment, why not rent a holiday home at Manora Village, check out the quality of our villas, enjoy our maintenance and management services and get a feel of what it has to offer with resort style living. Discover Hua Hin and the surrounding Khao Tao area with the beautiful Sai Noi Beach, nearby Golf Courses, local markets, lakes, temples and much more.


Try it, and if you like it, then buy it.


  Villas available under this scheme (05/2011)

Manora Village I: A12, B23

Manora Village II: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7- B2, B3, B4, B5.

Manora Village III: Any available Villa for Sale.


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